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Trey Ratcliff

I'm a warm-hearted, old-school gentleman explorer with really cool toys. INTJ. Browncoat.
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Merry Christmas from the Ratcliff Family!

Merry Christmas from the Ratcliff Family!

This was a fun photo to make, although a little challenging! The most challenging part was not chopping down the tree — it was not decorating the tree with lights — it was not convincing Tina to lay under the tree to spin it — it was not positioning the tree and getting the camera settings right (35mm at f/8 for at 1000 ISO for 3 seconds btw — I know you are wondering) — the most difficult part WAS getting the three kids to sit still for THREE SECONDS. haha man we did everything to get them to stand still. This is position 1 by the way, and position 1 was always interrupted by a lot of rolling and laughing and nonsense on the floor. I had to keep saying, "Okay everyone stop having fun so we can take this damned photo!" haha...

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