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Wiring In Thailand

Wiring In Thailand

I see this kinda thing a lot in SE Asian countries. I saw this one while walking down the street in Pattaya and trying to watch out for trannies. I've come up with only one theory for why there are so many wires… I think there are two things happening. Note I have not talked to a Thai electrician to confirm this theory. One: Sometimes the telephone/internet/electricity breaks down. Since there are so many wires, they can't possibly trace the wire to find the route of the problem and it's far easier and faster to make yet another new fresh wire! The second is that there is always new construction and density and new customers require their own telephone/internet/electricity so they create even more wires. I dunno… but it's kinda crazy either way to see this! Sort of the opposite of wireless! :)

- Trey Ratcliff

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