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Relaxing in Saint Bathans

Relaxing in Saint Bathans

There was only one hotel in town and I think it only had two rooms. Either way, it was booked, so Stu and I were out of options almost immediately on what we assumed would be an overnight mantrip. So we went to the local giftshop and got into a strange LGBT conversation with the lady that worked there, and then she ended up recommending “Coomb’s Cottage” just down the road in the middle of this conversation. She raised her eyebrows as if this was an LGBT-friendly bed&breakfast. I raised my eyebrows with a slow nod to let her know I understood the nature of her recommendation. I did not want to let her know I was not in the family though, because I did not want to offend her hitherto sensitive sensibilities. Either way, we ended up a few kilometers away, here at this open-minded cottage with this open-landscaped view.

- Trey Ratcliff

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