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Trey Ratcliff

I'm a warm-hearted, old-school gentleman explorer with really cool toys. INTJ. Browncoat.
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The Sun Drifts Away Into Time

The Sun Drifts Away Into Time

Southern China! It's so wild and untouched! Well that's not totally true. It's mostly untouched. When you do find the occasional town, they can be a bit third-worldy in terms of trash and architectural squalor. They are not terrible and dangerous, just a bit, well, rough-looking. There are quaint parts that are authentic and charming, but often times there is too much detritus strewn about to make you feel totally comfortable. At least, this is the way it is to me. But I like escaping kind of far away from those places, up into hills like this where everything is back in its natural and beautiful state.

- Trey Ratcliff

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