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The Owl Cafe

The Owl Cafe

I don't actually like this place, so I am not sure why I am posting a photo. Well, I guess it is to honor how awesome this owl looks! When Ethan and I were in Tokyo, we decided to go to an "Owl Cafe." There are all sorts of cafes all over the city where you can dine with all sorts of animals. It took us forever to find this place, and we had to walk up about six flights of some pretty sketchy stairs. We were instructed to wait outside until our "seating time." We stood out there looking at a bunch of other Japanese owl-seekers, whom all seemed pretty excited.

Finally, the door opened and we were ushered in. It wasn't a cafe at all unless you consider humans feeding owls the goopy entrails of mice to be a cafe. We each got a little apple juice carton like we were in kindergarten. There was a small green circle sticker on it. They instructed us to take the green circle sticker and put it on the wall to signify our favorite owl. I voted for this one, which already had about 500 sticlers... but there was this one really ugly owl that was not even close to symmetrical. It had only three stickers. It was both super sad, and I was wondering what three crazy people would vote for that owl.

Anyway, I don't recommend going to an owl cafe... I thought the owls would be happier or get to fly around some big awesome owl Disneyland or something, but I was wrong.
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