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One Of The Nicer Places That I’ve Been Treated Rudely At

One Of The Nicer Places That I’ve Been Treated Rudely At

This is the Hotel Danieli, which is absolutely lovely, as you can see. They were really nice about me taking photos around with my tripod, which was great. I was here with my friend Rene, and we were keen to get up on the rooftop restaurant to take photos. We were more than happy to actually have a full dinner and everything too!

Anyway, we stopped at the concierge to make reservations. He said it was booked solid for a week. We were just up there and it was 90% empty! He then pretended to call upstairs and said the line was busy, sorry. It was really silly…

We did finally come back and have dinner, but we had to come back under an assumed name like criminals!

- Trey Ratcliff

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