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Laura Troy In Beijing At The Water Cube

Laura Troy In Beijing At The Water Cube

Is that an influencer hat I see? Yes! And it’s being worn by Laura Troy, mother of dragons and influencers. I don’t normally feature influencers in my photos, but I decided to do this as an abstraction. We were there on tour with the Ritz-Carlton and spending the day around the Olympic park area. This is the famous “Water Cube” where all the aquatic events were held. I spent a long time here this evening, taking photos all over the place. I started to feel bad, though, because it was getting pretty cold outside. I run pretty hot, like a werewolf, so I never feel the cold. But Laura will get cold in a Starbucks that is 80 degrees, so she was really not in a good place. I eventually tore myself away from taking photos of these radical longboarders to get her back into a warm place! 🙂

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