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The Sheep Station at Walter Peak

The Sheep Station at Walter Peak

This is the beautiful and fully functional sheep station just across the lake from Queenstown. There's no doubt that this country definitely has a sheep-culture around it, and I'm slowly starting to become one with it. Here's a little funny (in retrospect) story. My neighbor, John, has several sheep on his farm. One day, he decided to take one of the cute baby lambs up to the school for all the four and five year-olds to play with. My daughter was there, as was his son. So he dropped off the baby lamb to play all day. A few hours later, he got a call and had to go back up to the school to get the lamb. It just plopped over dead while all the kids were playing with it! So then he had to go back up there and get the dead sheep and carry it about a kilometer down the road back to his truck, leaving the kids aghast and shattered!

- Trey Ratcliff

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