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A Week of Japan, Starting with Shirakawa-go!

A Week of Japan, Starting with Shirakawa-go!

Could this be a more perfect little fairy tale snowy village? I've been to Japan about eight times, but I've never ventured way out into the mountains in the winter. Now it's one of my new favorite things! Before the trip, I identified five different new towns to visit. It wasn't very easy to get to these places. It basically required me to master the rail and bus system of Japan. That's not the easiest thing in the world, especially because as you get out of the main cities, no one speaks English and none of the signs are in English. I made more than a few mistakes, but now I've completely mastered the system! This is exciting because it means I can go absolutely anywhere in Japan with no help! Now that I've mastered it, I'm hankerin' to go back!
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