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Dubai From The Inside Out

Dubai From The Inside Out

Very early one morning we found ourselves halfway up one skyscraper while taking photos of others. We’re now looking in the direction of the Burj Al Arab, which you can see there on the right. To the left there was a frenzy of construction going one to erect yet another one. I like how everything in there seems very greenish and ant-nest-like.

- Trey Ratcliff

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2015p2015MarchFE 1635mmF4 ZA OSSSony ILCE7RDubaiRatcliffStuckInCustoms.comTreyTrey RatcliffColourColorHorizontalDayOutsideSkyCloudSky ScraperBurj Al ArabConstructionUAEMetropolisRoadBlueWhiteGreenGreyRedOrangeYellowBlackBrownGlowDaily PhotoRR77BigRetagInside