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Girl on Bridge in Takayama

Girl on Bridge in Takayama

I saw this little girl crossing the bridge into the old town and asked her parents if I could take her photo. I thought she was really cute, especially with the red coat that matched the bridge. And you'll never guess (I didn't) where she is from. Taiwan! Yeah, even though I've been to Asia about 20 times, I still get confused when picking out what countries people are from. Of course, it doesn't matter, but it's still a fun DNA game I like to play. With the 75%+ pure DNA, I'm really good at telling the difference between Korean / Japanese / Thai / Vietnamese / Indonesian, but since there has been a lot of mixing in the past few generations, it's hard to tell. The easiest ones to spot (at least for me) are the Koreans and the Japanese because most of their pair-bonding comes from within their own (often jingoistic) countries.
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