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Sorry To See This Guy Go

Sorry To See This Guy Go

Man I still can't figure out why Bourdain committed suicide. I have a theory on it, but it's just a working theory. Maybe I'll talk about it on an upcoming show I do with Gino Barassa. We both got to hang out with him on the Cayman Islands. I got a lot of very nice emails from friends after his passing. That was very nice… but it wasn't like I was best friends with Anthony or anything. We just kinda hung out, like he does with a lot of people. Also, I wasn't too surprised his net worth after passing was less than $2 million. I think many people reach a point where they are not materialistic (I'm certainly that way), so he saw no need to hoard a lot of cash and assets.

As far as the suicide, I know the press is saying that he was infatuated with his girlfriend and something went awry there that caused the suicide. But I don't subscribe to that theory because that happens all the time to millions of people around the world, and they rarely result in suicide, especially for intellectuals. So, I'll share my theory as soon as it matures a little.

Anyway, here's my last photo of Tony.