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Fake Music At The Hot Pot In Chengdu

Fake Music At The Hot Pot In Chengdu

This was sort of a funny scene.

People love their hot pot restaurants in Chengdu. If you don’t know, a hot pot is when they bring you a lot of raw meat and veggies and then you dip them into a communal boiling pot. I don’t really enjoy this sort of activity, because it feels like I’m doing too much work at the restaurant. I would prefer, when paying, to have maximum laziness.

Anyway, during dinner, performers come onto a stage in the middle of the restaurant and perform a dance or play music. This lady was playing some Chinese instrument (forgot the name – I’ll call it supine-guitar) and the music was coming through speakers everywhere. I thought she was very pretty so I took a bunch of photos. But then, I looked closer, and I realized the supine-guitar was not hooked into the speaker system and there was no microphone. So she was just faking it. But at least she was pretty, so that was entertaining for a little while.