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Rice Paddies At Night At The Mandapa Reserve At The Ritz-Carlton In Bali

Rice Paddies At Night At The Mandapa Reserve At The Ritz-Carlton In Bali

I just got back from just over a week in Bali and I stayed at the most amazing places… Not only is Bali itself great, but these two Ritz-Carlton resorts where I stayed were beyond my wildest expectations. It was like a waking dream. I went photo-crazy there and I’ll be sure to sprinkle in a bunch of the new Bali photos over coming days and weeks.

How beautiful is this place at night? I absolutely love all those lights reflecting through the rice grasses while that farmer's hut relaxes above in the night. This reserve is so massive that they even have their own functional stair-steppe rice paddies. I found myself out there most every day… taking photos at all times of night. Towering behind it, you can see the bulk of the Ritz-Carlton Mandapa Reserve. What a place, and I can't wait to go back! :)

- Trey Ratcliff

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