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Istanbul Wedding Crasher

Istanbul Wedding Crasher

After I got over to the hilltop right before sunset, I decided the spot was actually rubbish and I had wasted my time. It's another one of those times when locals tell you about “amazing” places to go for photos, and then you get there are realized they are not photographers at all. It's way too far away from the city, and it's hard to get a decent sunset shot here. I figured this out after 5 minutes, barely found a taxi, and then in Extremely Broken Turkish + Google Maps, explained that I wanted to go down to the seaside on the Asian side. I walked along the shore for about 2 km during sunset. It was great! Right when it started to get quite dark, I came across this scene… That's the “Maiden's Tower” on the island in the background on the left there. A beautiful spot!

- Trey Ratcliff

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