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Happy Little Girls In China

Happy Little Girls In China

I think I can safely say this since my blog is banned in China after I flew a quadcopter over the Forbidden City. But while I was there, I was taking photos as part of a team. There was some SUPER LAME photo editor that demanded I send him RAW photos. I told him no. He then asked again, and I stopped talking to him since I already gave him the answer. And then he said he didn’t want me to take photos of people, but, you see, I had stopped talking to him quite a long time ago.

This group that invited me had always been super-cool before. But they had some self-important guy there that didn’t know jack… once I figured that out, I just ignored him. Ignoring people is one of my greatest skills.

When I was here it made me realize that little girls are the same all around the world. They like to wear pretty dresses that are kinda fancy and strut around in them. It’s totally a girl thing… super cute. Since I have two girls, I completely understand. It’s one of those little gentle threads that ties the whole human race together.

- Trey Ratcliff

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